What we offer

Rhineland Distributors is your distribution partner for toys and kids products in Germany.

We offer the following two options to market your products:

Classical distribution

Bottom line: We sell your products through our network of retailers and online shops. We agree on a marketing budget to support sales of your brand. Our strong links to leading social media marketing players will help to make your brand a success.

Market Access

You have successfully established your brand in your home market, where you also market and sell directly to your end customers. Now the time has come to enter new markets. This can be very rewarding but also challenging! Before making the decision which markets to expand to, you also need to think about the way to do this.

Until some years ago the clear answer was: find a distributor who will sell your products through his existing network. This is what we call „classical distribution“.

Today the answer could be: Find someone to partner with, who will enable you to operate in a new market just like in your home market. We call this „Market Access“. We will organize the import of your products to Germany, help you set up a German online shop, plan the marketing and finally send out your products to end customers. Please get in touch to learn more.